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The activity of our company began in 2007 with the revival of the production of traditional Orthodox incense for Monashenka. Incense candles are the main product of our production.

Nuns are traditional Orthodox censer candles made of incense, aromatic components from Mount Athos and coal, which, when burned, emit an easily recognizable aroma of church services.

The origins of the tradition of censing by nuns date back to the founding of the first Orthodox monasteries.

However, during the years of atheism, the tradition was practically forgotten.

We decided to restore the traditions of our Orthodox Russia and conducted a study of the practice of using nuns, revived the technology of their manufacture.

When burning, incense gives a pleasant delicate aroma and smoke, which is convenient when burning incense in living quarters, even with closed windows.

The aromatic composition is traditionally based on natural frankincense and aromatic oils produced in Greece.

кадильные свечи Монашенки на праздник
Грамота за возрождение рецепта кадильных свечей Монашенки
кадильные свечи монашенки подставка
кадильные свечи из ладана монашенки производство
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