Incense for an aroma lamp. Natural mixture of expensive resins with essential oils.

The smell of incense and church service in the house for 3-5 hours. One to three spoons of the mixture (2 to 6 grams) is enough.

Does not give the burnt aftertaste of the resinoid found in frankincense and comes from the use of charcoal. Due to the lower sublimation temperature, incense releases all the best notes and volatile volatile constituents slowly and intensively.

Returns to righteous thoughts, is beneficial for the nervous system, disinfects the room, removes mold and bad odors. Coal and other special devices are not required for use. Everything is very easy. It is only necessary to have an aroma lamp with an open top (the saucer must be removed). Next, a special foil is easily attached and the mixture is poured with a spoon.

Light a candle and enjoy a truly fragrant divine scent. The resins are specially ground in a mill.

The kit includes: a mixture of resins and essential oils, a wooden spoon, special foil 25 pcs.